Winter Wonderland!

So I made this post using newhive incorporating what I love about December and some activities i would like to do. Rockefeller center is a staple for New Yorkers and other parts of America to enjoy the lighting of the tree and all the beauty it comes with. Ice skating and skiing/snowboarding is one thing you can enjoy during the cold months. I’ve never been snowboarding but I would like to try it. Ice skating opens up in Bryant Park every year and they decorate it so nicely with a clear theme of the holidays near by also hot chocolate isĀ  great way to warm up after. I found online that in Madison Square Park they have a life-size gingerbread house which is on my list of things to do before the holidays. If you like igloos with a great view 230 Fifth is back open for their annual igloos in the winter. Grab a drink and get warm with a group of friends under an igloo on their rooftop or stay indoors and see the empire state building and the bright lights of the city. Last but not least, end the New Year right and enter in another year of unfinished resolutions and happy thoughts.

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