End of the Semester

I have learned so many skills in CT101. My professor was great and did a nice job making the class interesting. I learned how to use photoshop and quicktime. We also used newhive a lot making out gif come alive and creating different posts every week. I usually had a theme every week and created 2 posts to represent that. We created vaporwaves, net art, hyperlinks and we did a portrait project. We also got a change to see other classmates work and comment of their posts. I think I will use my skills in the new world by posting gif on my own social media. I do want to keep posting on my website but I’m not sure if I would post a blog every week. The gif I created shows what i felt like all semester with all my classes on the left and on the right shows how I felt in this class. I really enjoyed it and was excited to come to class every week. I also met two friends, Kenita and Keville in the class which made it fun!

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